Tony Parker Joins Forces with Michel Reybier

French-American basketball star Tony Parker, who holds four NBA championship titles, is teaming up with visionary entrepreneur Michel Reybier as a partner of Château La Mascaronne in Provence and Champagnes Jeeper & Michel Reybier.

Parker and Reybier share similar values of leadership and excellence, letting quality guide the way for any venture. For the wine aficionados, this union marks the beginning of a new venture between two audacious leaders and entrepreneurs.

We share both a passion for wine, but also for sport,” Reybier explains. “Our joint commitment will allow us to go even further in the wineries’ development, especially in international markets. The quality of our products, combined with Tony’s renowned reputation worldwide, will open up new perspectives for Château La Mascaronne and our champagnes.

Parker is excited to join forces with Reybier, and says the “plan to move forward on a common project was obvious. I am committed to investing myself alongside him and taking these exceptional wines and Champagnes to the next level.

Tony Parker Joins Forces with Michel Reybier - Chateau La Mascaronne

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